Last week granted me with quite a surprise: I was informed that I had qualified for my IATA Card. Now, a year ago, this would’ve meant nothing to me and honestly wouldn’t have even made sense. This year: it’s a big deal. Allow me to explain why….

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a globally recognized organization that is designed for travel professionals. There is a certain number of criteria that a travel professional has to meet before allowing to apply for their IATA ID card; he or she must work a certain number of hours per week and gross a certain amount in commission, among other things. It takes some agents several years to meet the criteria; for me, it took 11 months! I’m completely humbled by this achievement and grateful to all of my clients who trusted me with their travel arrangements. (This is starting to sound like an Emmy acceptance speech…)


So what does it mean to carry an IATA card? It means that I am a recognized member of the travel community. It means that I am eligible for more FAM trips and agent benefits to help me learn more about the locations and destinations that I am providing to my clients. It means that the hours I’ve sowed into this passion of mine have been worth it all!

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share more destinations with those of you who read or follow this blog! I love what I do; I love learning new things; and I’d love to put together your next vacation!