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Earlier today, amid the multiple ship malfunctions and subsequent negative press, Carnival Cruise Lines issued a press release detailing their plans to improve safety aboard their ships. While the company maintains that their ships ARE safe, they are planning to invest $300 Million into  their ships to “enhance operating reliability and guest comfort”.

According to Gerry Cahill, president and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines, “All of Carnival Cruise Lines’ ships operate safely today. Each vessel already has effective systems in place to prevent, detect and respond to emergency situations, and we meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. However, by applying lessons learned through our fleet-wide operational review after the Carnival Triumph fire and by taking advantage of new technologies, we have identified areas for enhancement across our operations. These initiatives reflect our commitment to safe and reliable operations and an enjoyable cruising experience for the nearly 4.5 million guests who sail with Carnival Cruise Lines each year.”

These areas include: Increased Emergency Generator Power,  Increased Fire Prevention, Detection and Suppression Systems, A Safety and Reliability Review Board, Fleet Enhancements, and Increased Availability of Hotels in the event that the ship loses power.

See the full press release HERE.

So what do you think? Did the events of the past few months prevent you from planning a cruise? Does this information increase your confidence about Carnival?\