If you’re anything like me, you are still Christmas shopping. And since you are like me, there is no judgment in this post. I understand.

You have a few options: you can wander through the local mall like a deer in headlights, trying to find the “perfect” gift to get that loved one at the very last minute, OR you can consider something off the beaten path – give the gift of travel!

If you’ve got a family member or friend who has a bit of wanderlust, here are a few gift ideas just for you!

1. Carnival Gift Card


Carnival has a gift card available that you can purchase here, which can then be mailed or sent as an E-card. (Considering it’s 12/19, you may want to go with the E-card [ smile]). This gift card can be used to purchase a cruise, or if already booked on one, can be used toward shore excursions or onboard purchases. The minimum amount of the gift card is $10 and maxes out at $1000.

2. Southwest Airlines Gift Cardgiftcardpage_251x155
Can you tell that I like gift cards? Anyway, Southwest Airlines also has a gift card available for purchase in any monetary increment from $10-$1000. You can find them at a retailer (I saw them at Wal-Mart last week) or online at Southwest’s website. Help finance your loved one’s next trip, wherever they may want to go. And now that Southwest is finally beginning to fly Airtran’s itineraries, there are many more options available through the airline!

3. Travel Guides/Books


Do you know someone with an upcoming trip? Why not buy them a supplement to their vacation? Websites like Amazon are full of travel guides, such as those written by Rick Steves. (I highly recommend his guides after my recent Mediterranean vacation). A person getting ready for a big trip is typically excited – or at least you’d hope so – and buying them a little something to prepare for their trip would be good way to build upon that excitement.

4.  Noise Cancelling Headphonesbose

Anyone who flies on a regular basis would appreciate a gift that eliminates all of the background noise, coughing, sneezing and crying babies that they encounter in the air. Noise-Cancelling Headphones, such as these pictured above by Bose, are the answer to a frequent-flier’s prayers. They’ll cost you a mint (these pictured run about $350), but that person’s peaceful state of mind will be priceless.

5. E-Reader


These little babies allows the avid traveler in your life to take their books on the go. They can download their favorite novels and carry them in compact, electronic device to read at their leisure. More advanced models, such as the Kindle Fire, have features of a tablet computer, which allows users to download apps such as Facebook, HBO GO and Skype. E-readers can be lifesavers on a long flight, cruise or road trip.

6. A Cool Piece of Luggage


When all else fails, a traveler needs luggage! There are a number of innovative and unique pieces of luggage available for purchase, such as the  Road Warrior M Series by Trunk & Trolley ($200-600). This luggage collection won First Place in the 2012 Travel Awards Show for Innovative Luggage, as they easily collapse to meet the carry-on requirements for air travel. Check out the website; it’s pretty cool and now I want one.

Most online retailers are guaranteeing that shipments will arrive by Christmas, if you order TODAY! So if any of these ideas appeal to you, time to get shopping!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!